Health System Organization

HSDP I introduced a four-tier system for health service delivery system. A primary health care unit (PHCU), comprising one health centre and five satellite health posts, and then the district hospital, zonal/regional hospital and specialized referral hospital characterize this.

A PHC-unit is designed to serve 25,000 people, while a district and a zonal/regional hospital are each expected to serve 250,000 and 1,000,000 people respectively. The Health Sector has recently introduced an innovative health service delivery system through the implementation of the Health Service Extension Programme (HSEP) at the health posts and community levels.

Accelerated Expansion of Primary Health Services strategy has also been endorsed as part of facilitating the implementation of the HSEP. Furthermore, there will be a restructuring of the health service delivery system in terms of the role of the health facilities and professional mix of the staff during the implementation of HSDPIII. However, despite the pastoral life style along with the low population density in Somali region, a Pastoral Health Extension Program is adapted and started into implementation.