Health Status

Ethiopia is listed under poorest health status related to other low-income countries, and the Somali region remains with extremely poor health status comparing to other regional states of the country or the national average (largely attributable to potentially preventable infectious disease and nutritional deficiencies).

Malaria, all types of TB, diarrhoea and malnutrition cases are leading causes of outpatients, admissions and deaths in the region.

Repeated and prolonged droughts for the last decade; low educational level (specially among women), inadequate access to clean water and sanitation facilities; and poor access to health service have also contributed to the burden of ill-health. The Crude Death Rate is estimated is to be 9.80 per 1000 population.

The Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) is estimated at 57.0 per 1,000 while the Child Mortality Rate (CMR) is 39.00 deaths per 1000. The maternal mortality (MMR) rate is estimated at 500-700 per 100 000 live births.