The design and implementation of HSDP III

The design and implementation of HSDP III is also a commitment towards the achievement of MDGs by aligning HSDP III with the PASDEP; institutionalization of community health services through the implementation of HSEP (rural, urban, pastoralist and school); the conjoint Accelerated Expansion of PHC Services; implementation of Health Human Resource Development Plan, the Health Care Financing Strategy, Essential Health Service Package, Child Survival Strategy, the National Reproductive Health Strategy, and the National Health Communication Strategy.

Other policies that have important bearing on the Health Sector Development are the National Drug Policy, National HIV/AIDS Policy, National Women’s Policy and National Population Policy. Moreover, the ongoing political and administrative reforms and strategies such as Agricultural Development Led Industrialization (ADLI), Rural Development Policy and Strategy, Policy on Decentralization, Civil Service Reform and Capacity Building Programme are very important policy initiatives during the implementation of the health development programs.

Somali Region, as a part of the HSDP III implementation framework, is also designed a region specific five-year Strategic Planning and Management document (SPM). All health development programs are in line with the above-mentioned health and health related policies.