Health Sector Overview: Health and Health Related Policies

Health and Health Related Policies

The Government of Ethiopia formulated the National Health Policy in 1993. The policy emanated from commitment to democracy and gives strong emphasis to the fulfillment of the needs of the less privileged rural population that constitutes about 85% of the total population in Ethiopia. The Health Policy mainly focuses on:

·         Democratization and decentralization of the health system;

·         Development of the preventive and promotive components of the health service;

·         Ensuring accessibility of health care to all population;

·         Promoting inter-sectoral collaboration, involvement of the NGOs and the private sector; and

·         Promoting and enhancing national self- reliance in health development by mobilizing and efficiently utilizing internal and external resources.

·         The health policy has also identified the priority intervention areas and strategies to be employed to achieve the health policy issues.

Based on the National Health Policy and strategy, a rolling Health Sector Development Programs were, designed, endorsed and started implemented. The HSDP III is the current development program that Ethiopia is under its implementations. Somali Region, as a part of the HSDP III implementation framework, is also designed a region specific five-year Strategic Planning and Management document (SPM).