Ujeedooyinka Siyaasadda Maalgalinta

Ujeedooyinka Siyaasadda Maalgalinta  - Objectives Of Investment Policy Of The Somali Regional State

Ujeedooyinka waxa ka mid ah:

·         To accelerate the economic and social development activities of the region.

·         To exploit and develop the immense natural resources of the region.

·         To increase and expand the production and the social service of the region.

·         To promote the increase of quality variety and volume of production and export as well as to increase the country and the state revenue.

·         To render the investors understand the role of investment can play to acceleration of development activities in the region.

·         To strengthen the integration of economic sector of the region in order to accelerate the development activities of the region.

·         To create employment opportunities as well as to require how necessary for the progress of the   region and to settle and create permanent stage of life to the regions scattered society.



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July 2009, Jijiga