Investment Policies and incentives

Potential and fertile conditions for private investment in Somali Regional State

Following launching of the 1992 Ethiopia's free market policy, the federal government of Ethiopia and the Somali Regional State has been taking a wide range of Economic reforms for the past 18 years aiming at promoting economic liberalization and encouraging private investments.  This can be reflected through the government supportive policies, rules and regulations, incentives, adequate guarantee and protection, through infrastructural facilities, transparent service including land facilities and service delivery. Especially the regional government is doing its best to strengthen its support to the private sector by designing private investment development program aimed largely to enhance the role of the private sector in the regions socio-economic development activities, in parallel by the expense of the regional government, more than 300 project ideas has been identified, out of which 50 project profiles are ready for investors. For better information the regions investment potential, supportive policy and regulations, incentives and other fertile conditions are stated below.

Somali Regional Investment Agency

 The Somali Regional Investment Agency is the responsible government body which:-

  • Issue investment certificate for local investors for investment projects to be made by an individual person or businesses organizations.
  • Renew permits where satisfied

In collaboration with concerned zones, districts  and urban administration executive organs, facilitate the allocation of land for approved investments.

  • In collaboration with concerned body provides land-holding certificate.
  • undertake promotional activities
  • provide consultancy service to investors on possible areas of investment.
  • provide information on investment opportunities of the region.

Objectives of Investment policy of the Somali regional state

  1. To accelerate the economic and social development activities of the region.
  2. To exploit and develop the immense natural resources of the region.
  3. To increase and expand the production and the social service of the region.
  4. To promote the increase of quality variety and volume of production and export as well as to increase the country and the state revenue.
  5. To render the investors understand the role of investment can play to acceleration of development activities in the region.
  6. To strengthen the integration of economic sector of the region in order to accelerate the development activities of the region.
  7. To create made employment opportunities as well as to require how necessary for the progress of the   region and to settle and create permanent stage of life to the regions scattered society.


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