Amb. Berhane met with Sweden's State Secretary for Trade

Sweden(CakaaraNews) 4 October 2013 (WIC) - Sweden’s State Secretary for Trade, Mr. Gunnar Oom, welcomed an Ethiopian delegation led by Ambassador Berhane Gebre-christos, State Minister for Foreign Affairs, on Tuesday. Mr. Oom said that the Swedish business delegation that had visited Ethiopia in May had been much impressed by what they had seen.

Among those who took part in that trip, H&M and Ericsson have now decided to begin and expand operations in Ethiopia. The meeting with the State Secretary was attended by representatives of both H&M and Ericsson and they affirmed their commitment to begin activities soon. Ambassador Berhane said Africa and Ethiopia had become a global growth pole and they needed trade and investment.

He expressed his satisfaction at the decision by H&M and Ericsson to begin business in Ethiopia. He noted investors from Asia, Europe and the Middle East were now moving to Ethiopia. Ambassador Berhane explained Ethiopia’s investment policies, regulations and incentives and the government’s commitment to help the private sector.

He assured the business representatives that the Ethiopian government would do everything possible to smooth their path and would engage with them frequently.