Ethiopians should restrain themselves from religion coated politics” PM Hailemariam

Addis Ababa(cakaaraNews), 4 October 2013 (WIC) – Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn has urged Ethiopians to maintain the freedom of religion guaranteed by the Ethiopian Constitution and restrain themselves from religion encrusted politics.

In his briefing to local journalists today, PM Hailemariam emphasized the need to recognize well those groups who have been running their political agendas under the pretext of religion with the financial support of external forces. Ethiopians have been exercising and enjoying their rights to have any religion they prefer with no limits as it is ensured by the Ethiopian Constitution, the Prime Minister said, adding that people should detach themselves from groups aiming to set up Islamic Government under duress; imposing on other believers.

Hailemariam advised the youth particularly girls to pin down themselves from participating in terrorist activities resulted in havoc and violence. Pin pointing the fact that extremism ends in terrorism, Prime Minister Hailemariam said the activities of religious extremism in Ethiopia is basically undertaking for the sake of politics.

The Premier also indicated that some opposition political parties have been urging the release of terrorist member in various demonstrations held so far in contradictory to the country’s constitution.