New FDRE President discloses areas of focus

Addis Ababa, 8 October 2013 (WIC) - The newly elected President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Dr. Mulatu Teshome said on Monday that the nation has entered a new phase of development that has earned recognition of the entire world. He made the remark in his maiden speech as president of Ethiopia after swearing in as 3rd President of the nation since the 1994 Constitution.

Dr. Mulatu in his speech to the joint opening session of House of People’s Representatives and the House of Federation summarized the past achievements as well as pointed out areas of focus for the current parliament year. “The social and economic changes of these peaceful years have not only checked the country’s down-ward spiral, but have more importantly set Ethiopia on a path of renewal and development,” he said.

He commended the works undertaken in the area of environmental protection through popular participation in rural areas. The housing development in urban centers and job creation would be given attention, he said.

“Whilst 74, 000 apartments will be constructed and transferred to owners this year, additional construction work of 65, 000 apartments would subsequently begin,” he said The new President assured that infrastructure work would continue apace which includes expansion of surface, air and maritime transport that connects various parts of the country as well as Ethiopia with neighbouring countries.

He said the government and people of Ethiopia are working to deepen and expand development peace and good governance to the benefit of all. According to ERTA, the new President assured that Ethiopia would strengthen its positive role in continental and international issues.