Trade practice and consumer protection litigation bench begins work

Addis Ababa,11 October 2013 (WIC) – A litigation bench established under the Trade Practice and Consumer Protection Authority officially begins its activities.

A panel of three judges preside over cases relating to unlawful trade practices and consumer complaints on misleading market conducts. The bench bases its decision on the Ethiopian civil code and criminal code. The bench was set up following the establishment of the Trade Practice and Consumer’s Protection Authority in August 2010.

The establishing proclamation number 685/2010 seeks to protect the business community from anti-competitive and unfair market practices and establish a system that is conducive for the promotion of competitive market. Kebede Chane, minister of trade, said the timeliness of the official launching of the bench could not be better.#

“It will play a crucial role in sorting out the rent-seeking behavior that reigned over the trade practice for years,” Kebede said during the launching ceremony also attended by Merkebu Zeleke, Director General of the Trade Practice and Consumer Protection Authority.