Ministry lauds public participation in basin development

Addis Ababa, October 30 (WIC) – The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) lauded the role played by farmers and communities in the basin development projects across the country.

The ministry boasts a huge success in basin development projects aided by huge public participations. According to Ermias Bayu, public relations officer at MoA, has managed to mobilize well over 170 thousand farmers in various basin development projects. The communities participate in activities such as soil and water conservations, forest development and protection as well as small scale irrigation development projects.

“In monetary terms, the participation is estimated to be in excess of 10.7 billion birr,” Ermias told WIC. According to the ministry, small scale irrigation schemes, which have the capacity to irrigate 1.8 million hectares of land, have been undertaken last budget year.

Ethiopia is hydrological divided into 12 basins, out of which eight are river basins, one lake basin and three dry basins. Four of the River Basins, Abbay, Baro-Akobo, Mereb and Tekeze are part of Nile River System. Rift valley basins include the Omo-Gibe, Awash, Rift-valley Lakes, Denakil and Aysha. The remaining three, Genale-Dawa, Wabishebelle and Ogaden are part of the Eastern Ethiopian Basin.