Meeting of irrigation ministers of Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan will be held on time

Addis Ababa, 31 October 2013 (WIC) - A meeting of the irrigation ministers of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan will be held on time on Monday 4/11/2013 in Khartoum, said Minister of Irrigation Mohamed Abdel Motaleb on Tuesday 29/10/2013.

In press statements on the sidelines of his visit to Siwa Oasis, he added that the meeting will be a beginning for several other meetings to follow in an attempt to reach an agreement among all parties concerned regarding the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

He also said that we have no bad intentions towards the Ethiopian people, as we do not aim to harm any country of the Nile Basin countries. The meeting aims at hammering out an agreement on a joint vision regarding setting up projects on the Nile in a way that does not affect the water share of the two downstream Nile countries; namely Egypt and Sudan, he added.

On the other hand, Abdel Moteleb denied disputes with the Ministry of Agriculture, stressing that both ministries are coordinating efforts to magnify the benefit of Siwa water wells.

In press statements on the fringe of a two-day visit to Siwa, Abdel-Moteleb said there is a comprehensive plan to realize the utmost benefit of Siwa water and encourage investments in the agricultural domain in this area. Meanwhile, the minister noted that the drinking and irrigation water problem in Matrouh has ended since the Armed Forces set up a station with a daily capacity of 24,000 cubic meters. (