EPRDF Executive Committee concludes its regular meeting, passes various decisions

Addis Ababa, 9 November2013 (WIC) - The Executive Committee of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) concluded its regular meeting having evaluated first quarter performances of this Ethiopian fiscal year.

The committee also passed various decisions and underlined future major focus areas. According to the press release it sent to WIC, the Executive Committee evaluated various rural and urban activities in the past three months and found it encouraging.

In the first phase of the budget year, understanding among the leadership and managements at various levels on the plans designed to be executed this fiscal year was well established, the press release indicated, adding that public discussions were also made at various levels with better understanding.

The Executive Committee also evaluated the performance of past three months in utilizing irrigation to raise and maintain agricultural products and found it better than the same period in the previous year.

It also passed a decision to raise the gains from irrigation having improved the necessary inputs, market limitations and market linkages, according to the press release. Performances in animal husbandry were also encouraging, better efforts have exerted in offering better animal breeds to the farmers and pastoralists, the press release indicated.

It also emphasized the need to give special attention to the sector in order to gain maximum benefit from animal husbandry. The Committee also reviewed the basin, irrigation and crop development activities undertaken in rural areas as encouraging, thus emphasized the need to strengthen efforts to maximize farmers’ productivity and production. Performances in urban areas to create job opportunities were also heartening, it noted.

Conducive atmosphere for the youth and women to organize and participate in Small and Microfinance Enterprises was also prearranged. The Executive Committee also underlined the importance of establishing educational army and creating public mobilization in order to ensure sustainable educational quality. It also evaluated the preparations to carry out the prevention based health policy having paid a special attention to decrease the death of mothers and children.

The Executive Committee also reviewed that ensuring good governance is taken as the indispensable and key area in all sectors, adding that a plan was set to avoid good governance related problems in collaboration with the people. According to the press release, the Executive Committee also passed a decision to strengthen its struggle against rent seeking, corruption and extremism.

The Executive Committee finally emphasized that the preparations in the past three years are also well underway to carry out the GTP through the mobilization and participation of the Ethiopian people.