The National parliament decided three days of mourning

Addis Ababa, 9 December 2013 (WIC) - The House of People’s Representative has come to a decision to fly the flag of the country at half-mast for three consecutive days starting as of December 9 as honor to the late Ex- President of South Africa Nelson Mandela.

The death of the freedom fighter-Nelson Mandela-who devoted his life to realize equality among human beings, has saddened people across the world. People from all walks of the globe are paying tribute to Mandela and vow to maintain his legacy.

The people of Ethiopia who once provided military training to him have also shared the sorrow of South Africans over the loss of the visionary leader.

On top of that, the National Parliament in an extraordinary session has expressed its deepest condolences to his families, people and government of South Africa. The parliament recalled that Nelson Mandela’s contribution to get rid of apartheid and colonialism from his country, the continent and the world as a whole was immense.

Cognizant of his invaluable legacies to human kind, the parliament has declared three days of national mourning. Deputy Speaker of the parliament ShitayeMinale said Nelson Mandela has made magnificent contributions to the people of Africa in particular; his dedication for the protection of human rights, establishment of democratic system and making smooth relations among Africans was irreplaceable. His leadership to fight racism and colonialism was significant.

That is why the parliament declared national mourning in recognition to paying tribute to his legacy. The parliament decided three days of mourning during which the Flag flies at half-mast all over Ethiopian regional states including the two city administrations, its diplomatic missions abroad, business offices and Ethiopian ships.

According to ERTA, members of the parliament expressed Nelson Mandela’s relations with the people of Ethiopia to be exceptional.