Premier confers with Queen Maxima of the Netherlands

Addis Ababa December 10/2013 Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn here Monday held talks with United Nations Secretary General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development (UNSGSA) Queen Maxima of the Netherlands on financial inclusion.

During the discussion, the Premier said his government is striving to maximize the benefit all the people, including the rural community from the development activities.

The Premier said the government is working hard to make financial inclusion accessible in rural areas by encouraging and supporting micro finance institutes, according to a high level official. After the discussion Queen Maxima said the discussion was mainly focused on ways of making financial inclusion possible for all Ethiopians.

By saying financial inclusion it means access to saving accounts, credits, insurance, cheap and accessible ways of making payments that’s safe for everybody.

She said "Without the financial inclusion we will not be able to get the potential Ethiopia has for the future in terms of food production and food security issues." The Queen said "There is a fantastic potential in this country and we would like to help unleashing it by making financial inclusion really possible."