Court sentences 18 - 21 years’ jail on 7 individuals accused of attacking foreign tourists

Addis Ababa: 2 January 2014 (WIC) - The Supreme Court of the Amhara Regional State sentenced 18 - 21 years’ jail and fine on 7 individuals and their backers for attacking and raiding four tourists who were visiting Abay River. An Australian was murdered during the attack.

The defendants, which are eight in number, are Ayanew Aregu, Anchalew Aregu, Sefiw Alemyayehu, Widinew Mitiku Estibel Tibebu, Tewachew Aregu, Lingerew Dese and Tesfaw Asmare.

Materials of the tourists have been put as exhibit, and the court has heard the allegations by Amhara Region Attorney and witnesses, and their defense. Finally, the individuals have been found guilty of attacking four tourists who were visiting Abay River, Afajna Villege, Dera District of South Gonder Zone on day December 28, 2005 E.C.

Accordingly, the court has sentenced 21 years’ jail on 1st defendant, 19 years’ on the 2nd, while sentenced 18 years’ jail each on the 4th and 5th defendants. Defendants number seven and eight have also been sentenced 1,500 Birr fine each for hiding weapons used for the attack in their houses.

According to FBC, the Supreme Court has ordered that materials of the tourists which cost 30,891 Birr would be given back to the tourists and family of the dead through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.