Dawladda Mareykanka oo Si Wayn u Soo Dhaweeysay Heshiiskii DF iyo Jubaland ee Addis Ababa

Nairobi(CakaarNews) Khamiis August 29.U.S. Special Representative for Somalia (SRS) James P. McAnulty welcomes the signing of the agreement between the Federal Government of Somalia and the Jubba delegation following talks in Addis Ababa August 20-27, and commends both delegations for their constructive work and diligence to compromise on administrative and governance issues in the Lower Jubba, Middle Jubba and Gedo regions.

“The United States welcomes this significant achievement and will continue to support all sides to reach peaceful, sustainable, and tangible resolutions to issues of concern.

We look forward to the proper implementation of the agreement by all parties,” stated the Special Representative. SRS McAnulty also recognized the important role that the Government of Ethiopia played as the chair of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) to facilitate an agreement.

The United States Government remains a committed partner to the government and citizens of Somalia and will continue to support Somalia’s path towards a peaceful, stable, and prosperous future.