ESRS Diaspora Provided Grant Food and Materials to Somali Displaced People at Qolaji

Qoloji(cakaaranews) Wednesday, 11th October, 2017. Ethiopian Somali diaspora provided grant food to Somali people who displaced from Oromo region. This grant contained different kinds of local foods and livelihood materials such as blankets, clothes, and bed sheets. The displaced people are currently live at Qolaji Kebele where Ethiopian Somali regional state established settlement after when they are displaced various woredas in Oromo region.

In addition to this, the displaced people at Qolaji told their feelings toward the grant to the media that they are feeling happy on the grant which they got from their diaspora brothers and expressed their gratitude on it.

On the other hand, the diaspora who provided this grant said that they are always ready to support their displaced society needs as well as to perform further efforts towards responding needs of the society as whole and the displaced people as a particular. 

Eventually, Ethiopian Somali drought response committee also thanked to the diaspora for the provision of this grant and other commitments that the Somali diaspora showed to participate current emergencies existing in the region.