Delegation Led by FDRE Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Demeke Mekonnen Had Arrived Somali Region.

Qoloji(cakaaranews). Sunday 15th October, 2017. Large delegation led by FDRE Deputy Prime Minister H.E Demeke Mekonnen accompanied by EPRDF executive members and disaster prevention and preparedness ministry officials have visited Somali region, ESRS president H.E Abdi Mohamoud Omar and other regional officials have warmly welcomed this delegation at Qolaji kebele.

The delegation visit was aimed to observe the current situation on the IDPs, which the conflict between Ethiopian Somali and Oromo regions affected. In addition to this, the delegation has held a meeting with Somali region traditional elders and also IDPs at Qoloji kebele. This meeting has been discussed on how to end the existing conflict which foreign enemies of our federal system and constitution are organized and fueling.
After that, the delegation and ESRS officials identified the whole number of the Somali displaced people which is 8,300 households or 55, 874 individuals who live five different sits.  

On the other hand, this meeting, Somali region traditional elders have been addressed the existing problems that caused by the conflict and the significance role that the federal government has to reach a condition of immediate and durable solutions and to take appropriate action to whoever act against the national rule and law. Again they said that Ethiopian Somali people are always adhering as well as respecting national rule of law as well as regional state administration directives.

During the meeting, FDRE Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Demeke Mekonnen addressed important remarks on the solution of the conflict and how to deal with the two brotherly states in order to never happen again. He stressed that the federal government is deeply disappointed by the problems that faced both sides. In such away, he said that the federal government is engaged to solve the conflict through a variety of consultations and discussions.  Also he pointed that the government will punish the perpetrators who committed the offences of killing innocent people.

Moreover, EPRDF Headquarters head Mr. Shiferaw Shigute, said that they are feeling sad about the conflict between Somali and Oromo regions. He noted that neither the two regions is the reason behind this conflict but an external enemy which is against our federal system have created and implemented the conspiracy behind this conflict. He stressed that the two communities of the two regions are brothers and sisters who shares same culture, religion, and blood. However they need to establish a better relationship in order to have a life together in peacefully and prosperity Shiferaw said.

Finally, the delegation led by FDRE Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen departed from Jigjiga international airport.