The 10th National Flag Day Was Celebrated at Jigjiga City

Jijiga,(cakaaranews). Monday, 16, October, 2017. The 10th national Flag Day has been celebrated across the country as well as Somali regional state. The ceremony event which the regional state has beautifully organized was held at Jigjiga Soccer Stadium. This celebration ceremony was attended by regional higher officials including ESRS President H.E Abdi Mohamoud Omar, Vice Presidents, members of the cabinet, regional staff, Liyu national army, police officers, traditional elders and different parts of the community living in Jigjiga city.

Opening of the ceremony, ESRS President H.E Abdi Mohamoud Omar, sent a congratulatory message on National Flag Day to all Ethiopian people especially ESRS community. He stated that the celebration of this day is great to the hearts and minds of all ethnics and peoples of Ethiopia especially Ethiopian Somali people. The president added that our flag is the main symbol of our sovereignty and emblem of our unity in diversity. The DDSI President has addressed that peace and stability has a lot of significance to the people of Ethiopia. He stressed that Ethiopian Somali regional state and its people belongs a commitment to respect  to live together in peaceful manner and also to search favorable solution for ending the border conflict between Oromo and Somali regions. He added violence and disturbances exist in same parts of Somali and Oromo region border must be ended. This is an act that dragging the country back into the realm of poverty and undo the benefits achieved in recent years president Abdi Mohamoud said.

Meanwhile, the president asked ESRS people to struggle enemies of our country’s security especially terrorists such like Alshabab which is the only terror that exist in east Africa.  

Finally the president sent a condolence message to federal democratic republic of Somalia particularly the families and relatives who their family members died the car bomb blast which Alshabab terror exploded at Mogadishu where more than 250 people died.