Hawaasa(Cakaaranews) Thursday 19th October 2017. The 25th founding anniversary of the Southern Ethiopian people’s democracy movement (SEPDM) was colorfully celebrated at Hawasa City of Southern nations, nationalities, and people regional state.

This 25th anniversary was participated by the highest government officials such as FDRE prime minister and chairman of SEPDM H.E Hailemariam Desalegn, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of ANDM party Ato Demeke Mokoninn, regional chief administrators including ESRS president H.E Abdi Mohamoud Omar and other regional party’s chairman. Furthermore, a panel discussion for celebrating the anniversary was conducted for the government officials that attended the anniversary.

At the opening of the ceremony, head of SEPDM Headquarter Tesfaye Beljige expressed the historical background of SEPDM, its major development achievements, the challenges it encountered last 25 years, and its futures strategic directions.

Besides that, during the panel discussion ESRS president and vice chairman of the Ethiopian Somali people democratic party H.E
Abdi Mohamoud Omar noted that the people live in Ethiopian Somali region have one language, one culture and one religion. ESPDP faced various challenges toward the implementation of developmental activities; but Ethiopian southern nations, nationalities and peoples region brought tremendous development which can be benchmark and a good example for the other Ethiopian regions while  there are 56 ethnic groups which have different languages, culture and religions.

Finally, the panel discussion of the 25th anniversary was concluded and other parts of the celebration events will continue tomorrow in Hawasa city.