Addis Ababa City Administration Donated 10 Million to Ethiopian Somali Displaced People from Oromo Region.

Jigjiga(Cakaaranews) Thrusday October26th 2017. Today Addis Ababa City administration donated 10 million to Ethio-Somali people who displaced from Oromo region. Hence, the city administration handed over the donation money to drought committee chairman Mr. Khadar Ma’alin Ali. Furthermore, Mr. Khadar thanked the donation money that Addis Ababa City administration provided to Ethiopian Somali people who displaced different woredas at Oromo region.

The chairman added that Ethiopian Somali regional state administration and Somali community are highly appreciated this donation that Addis Ababa city administration provided to Somali displaced peoples and also pointed that this donation is worthy support and can be benchmark for other regions and city administrations