10th Community and Regional State Consultation Meeting Was Finalized.

Jigjiga(cakaaranews) Monday 30th October, 2017. Today the 10th community and regional state Consultation meeting was Finalized at Kaali Conference hall in Jigjiga city. At the finalization of the meeting, ESRS president H.E Abdi Mohamoud Omar thanked the traditional elders and other honorable guests who attended the consultation meeting for the admirable way they attended, and participated  in this consultation meeting and also the way they recommended on various agendas discussed during information sharing. The president added that Ethiopian Somali regional state and its community have the commitment to strengthen developmental initiations and implementations activities which are planned to eradicate poverty in the region. He said “the only enemy that we have as a region is only poverty, and we must implement further efforts together in order pioneer and create better development which  will ensure our self sufficiency and wipe out the poverty from entire region”.

On the other hand, traditional elders and other delegates forwarded several comments and recommendations. They recommended firstly, the regional state together with its citizenries have to enhance peace and security in the region especially tackling terrorism and extremism movements in the horn of Africa and should assume this as prior issue. Secondly the delegates suggested supporting Ethio-Somali community who displaced from Oromo region and the significance role of the community to provide further support to the displaced peoples. Again the delegated encouraged the Ethio-Somali community to benefit from the regional state’s plan which have the slogan of “we can regain our self-sufficiency” and also to benefit from the newly established enterprise called wealth and production enterprise (in Somali language Tabac & Maal enterprise) because this enterprise will create job opportunities to unemployed parts of the community.     

In addition to this, at the end of the meeting, the regional state provided ET Birr 500,000 to the families which their family members died in the conflict between Oromo and Somali people.

Finally, traditional elders and delegates who attended this consultation meeting promised that they will strengthen peace, security, and the advancement development in the region; and also respecting our federalism system. Once more, it is remarkable to mention the sweet songs that the ESRS singers and the great classical singer Ahmed Ali Egal chanted several hot songs during the finalization moment of the consultation meeting.