Training and Consultation Workshop towards Financial Administration System Started at Jigjiga

Jigjiga (cakaaranews).Thursday, November 16th, 2017. The bureau of finance and economic development organized training and consultation workshop towards increasing financial administration system. This workshop was aimed to improve financial administration system and effectuation of related rules and regulations. The meeting was held on at Qaryan Dhodan conference hall where woredas finance & economic development heads, zonal and woredas administrators participated.

Hence, at the launching of the workshop, ESRS finance and economic development bureau head Mr. Ahmed Abdi Mohamed said to the participants that this workshop session is about improving financial administration system including public financial management (PFM), program for result and also public based services improvement (PBS) in the region, he added that this meeting will be discussed and consulted with the performers at zonal & woredas level.

Therefore, at the end of this meeting an effective result and implementation is expected from the participants after they return back to their workplaces.