ESRS Employed 4,000 Youths through Tombola Vacancy Announcement System

Jigjiga(Cakaaranews). Tuesday, 20th November 2017. The Ethiopian Somali State Government has been designed strategic plan for eliminating unemployment and creating jobs opportunities to all young people especially those graduated from higher education institutions. Accordingly, today recruitment occasion held at Sayid Mohamed Abdulla Hassan conference hall where 4,000 youths graduated from various universities of the country were recruited through tombola vacancy announcement system.

During the occasion, ESRS Vice-President Ms. Su’ad Ahmed Farah said that last year Ethio-Somali regional state had recruited more than 7,000 youth graduated from higher educational institutions; in such away today the state is again recruiting 4,000 educated young people which consist of diploma and degree holders. Also she encouraged and strongly exhorted to the newly hired young people to serve honestly, perform their duties and responsibilities effectively, and deliver the service to the public loyalty

On the other hand, administration bureau head Mr. Abdimahad Mohamed Abase pointed strategies and directions that the region is eradicating poverty and unemployment. Again he advised the newly recruited staffs to go the assigned woredas which they took by their hand in the vacancy tombola box.

Moreover, Public Service and human resource development bureau head Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Kore described the significance role that government employees could play efficiently for achieving the socio-economic developmental plan of the region.

Finally, the several recruited youth members told the media their feelings towards job opportunities that they got and also expressed their gratitude on it.