Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Cup ArrivedJigjiga city

Jigjiga(cakaaranews) Sunday 10th December 2017.During celebration of 12th anniversary of Ethiopian nations, nationalities day, FDRE Prime Minister H.E Haile Mariam Deselegn rewarded ESRS president HE Abdi Mohamoud Omar to Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam cup.

Hence, today ESRS higher officials, regional sector bureaus staff, Jigjiga city administration officials and traditional elders had warmly welcomed a large delegation led by ESRS president H.E Abdi Mohamoud Omar whose carrying Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam cup at Garaad wiilwaal international airport.

At Garaad Wiil-waal Airport rest Room, President Abdi Mohamoud Omar talked to the media and have reported the country’s efforts to eradicate poverty and reach middle income countries. He said the construction of grand Ethiopian renaissance dam is one of the projects which is planned to achieve sustainable development. The president expressed that the Ethio-Somali regional state and its people are committed realization and accomplishment of the construction of grand Ethiopia renaissance dam. Eventually the president stated that today ESRS is hosting grand Ethiopia renaissance dam cup and the region will take the responsibilities of the cup.

Therefore, after the cup was beautifully paraded throughout the streets of Jigjiga city; it was finally handed to Jigjiga city administration Mayor Mr. Ibrahim Mohamoud Mubarik.  The region will host Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam cup for a year, and the cup will travel to all zones of the region.