ESPDP Central Committee Ordinary Session Successfully Concluded

Jigjiga (Cakaaranews) Thursday 28th December 2017. Yesterday ESPDP central committee ordinary conference was completed at Jigjiga city. This conference was organized by ESPDP which regional highest officials including ESRS president H.E Abdi Mohamoud Omar and ESPDP chairman H.E MohamedRashid Isak and other higher officials were participated. 

Hence, this conference was aimed evaluating performance and implementation of 2010 fiscal year plan especially BBC (abbreviated from Somali language Biyo, Baad, Beer, Cilmi, Calaf & Caafimaad) program achievements regarding water supply and roads and bridges constructions. In addition to this it was reported ESPDP activities performances including good governance and activities that the party carried out for enhancing public relation inside the country as well as abroad.

On the occasion, it was reported security issues particularly the conflict between Oromo and Somali people. Accordingly, ESRS vice president Mr. Abdihakin Egal presented the situation of the Somali people who the conflict affected, the situation of the conflict and how federal government responded to it. Besides that the vice president reported the current situation of the displaced Somali people and their need of immediate settlement.   

In addition to this, ESRS vice president vice Ms Su’ad Ahmed Farah deeply reported developmental performance of the region regarding BBC program which is designed to respond the need of the community.      

After discussion, ESPDP central committee underlined that a lot of important activities were implemented and achievements was attained regarding water supply and construction, road and bridge constructions, agriculture, education, health, job creation and also public relation.  

On the other hand, the central committee criticized the massacre event occurred western Hararge zone of Oromo region. They pointed that this mass-murdering was tragic and horrible. And finally the assembly sent their condolences to the families and relatives of the victims who died the mass-murdering event occurred inside Oromo region.   

Eventually, the central committee announced that the region should enhance efforts of implementing socio-economic developments advanced in the region and also to ensure creating peaceful solution on the border conflict between Oromo and Somali peoples.