Another New Massacre of Somalis

Balbalayti(Cakaaranews) Sunday 8th January 2018 . Avery horrific and scared news from West Hararghe Zone that 4 innocent Somalis were killed no means today by Qerroo and Oromo police in Hoyade and Kore localities of Hawi Gudina district in West Hararghe Zone of Oromo Region.  

Meanwhile, there are also 20 children who have been perished as a result of long starvation campaign by Oromo Police, Qeerroo and an ethnic mob in Oromo Region.

These horrific and inhumane concentrations and stranding of innocent Somalis is happening as we speak in Wartadara, Haroo Algee, Milqaayee, Sorooro, Dhaaba in Daru Lebu district and Koorker, Gamoole, Hoyade, Kora, Ta’oo Ibsaa in Hawi Gudina district.

After this long starvation campaign of Somalis in West Hararghe, now the perishing of 20 children who are all under the age of 10 won’t come as a surprise.

This is an unfolding humanitarian catastrophe; the issue urges from the Federal, Oromo administration and Somali Regional governments to act quickly so as to put this humanitarian mess that has dragged far too long to an end.

Although theFederal Army was in hoyade and Kore localities there is no clear why they didn’t act to prevent this to occur and only showed up after the massacre of these innocent Somalis.

 This is against the decisions from EPRDF’s Meeting and the federal policy’s campaign of investigation on the current issue.