New Health-center inauguration In Barmagog Kebele

feer-feer(Cakaaranews) Sunday, April 2nd, 2018. A new health-center built by regional state in barmagog kebele under feer-feer district of shabele zone was inaugurated today so as to cover the in need of health facilities for barmagog community and its suburb area.

This highly organized inauguration was attended by the Deputy governor of shabele zone Mr. Nur Kasim Hayir along with feer-feer district administrators and the residents of barmagog kebele.  

In the opening of the ceremony, Mr. Nur Kasim told to the participants of this inauguration specifically those of barmagog community that the state striving to respond people(s) needs carried out this hard work for the sake of barmagog community and its surroundings so as to get heals from the pre-existed health problems. He also mentioned in his inauguration speech that this medical center is vastly essential to the beneficiaries of barmagog since it is well staffed and equipped, "so benefiting its service everyone of the society is requested firstly to keep responsible and feel ownership. Mr. Nur said." furthermore, Mr. Nur requested the staff of the center to work frankly and flexible for their community and to be standby staff since health matters life.

Similar to that, the district administration chairman along with his officers expressed to the community that since they suffered long for health accessibility they were finally made  possible to have the treatments at their home so they should thank to their government.

Meanwhile, barmagog elders having heartily thanked the state for its quick feedback they all vowed that they will be the guardians of the medical center built for them in spite of feeling ownership.  

 Finally, the opening ceremony of the newly built barmagog health center under feer-feer woreda of shabele zone happily ended in smooth condition.