Fafan Zone Youth Consultancy conference In Benefiting Job Creations

Awbare(cakaaranews) Monday 3, April 2018. Fafan zone youth consultancy conference concerned youth's benefiting job creations and emphasizing youth's taking part in developmental affairs, security and good governance existing in Ethiopion somali region was held in awbare district under fafan zone.

This consultancy conference which was attended by the fafan zone administrators leading by fafan zone governor Mr. Abdiwali Mohamed Farah and intended to fafan zone youth federation organizations was mainly focused on the youth's taking part in the different multi sector available job-creations in zonal created to them by their state and  in order to fruitify this golden occasions.

The zone governor Mr. Abdiwali in the opening of his speech expressed to the youth that youth is so important to every aspect of fruitfull development and he advised them to get benefit these golden and vital jobs created to them in stead of wasting time meaninglessly due to the time counts persons' life span. He also reminded them that these precious opportunities were not existed before.

After the governor's speech, the conference started smoothly by sticking on its schedule and it was elected the zone's youth federation committee and also the zone's youth sport club committee.

In the final, some of the participant members who expressed their sentiment cheerfully figered out how the regional government is standing with them morally and materially day and night so as the youth improve and capacitate socially, politically and economically, and to get rid off job loser behavior. The youth also committed to play a golden role in intensifying developmental affairs, stability and good governance in their zone and at regional level.