The Historical Visit of Ethiopian PM to somali region State

Jigjiga(Cakaaranews) Tuesday 10th  April 2018. Ethiopia’s ruling coalition has chosen a new leader Dr. Abiyi Ahmed as the New Prime minister of Ethiopia It was only last Monday when Mr. abiyi Ahmed has been Approved as Prime minister by the house of peoples representatives Four Days Later on Saturday April 07/2018 The Prime Minister Abiyi Ahmed has arrived at Jigjiga to start his first working visit in Somali Regional State.

As soon as the flight touch down at WiilWaal International airport the PM Abiyi was first to lead out the way followed by a higher delegations of Federal Government from Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen, EPRDF central committee Office Head Shiferaw Shigute, foreign minister affairs workineh gebayu and oromo Regional state President Mr. Lemma megersa

At Jig-jiga Airport, Awaiting was Ethiopian Somali Regional higher officials led By Regional President Mr. Abdi Mahamud Omar and Ethiopian Somali Region's elderly from all over the Region's to Warmly welcome the PM and his delegation to Jig,_jiga After short rest at The airport VIP area the delegations led by Pm Abiye Ahmed have Set to visit Development programs and as well as ongoing regional re-housing Projects in the City

From the Airport Ethiopian Somali Region Community of all ages Have Stood Side by side by waving the federal Flag to welcome the New Prime minister who leads the nation on a new Path Shortly after returning from Development sites The Prime minister Entered the Newly built Kali Conference Hall where the prime minister again Received another warm welcome by Regional Ugaas, Suldaan, Garaads, religious leaders and respectful Community Leaders

OPENING CEREMONY Ethiopian Somali Regional President Dr Abdi Mahamud OMAR has made a historical speech about the Regional developments, Economical growth and Peace reached with in Short period of time during the speech the president outlined how Ethiopian Somali Region is ready to strength working with new prime minister The President Quoted on His Speech" the previews prime minister's and the new prime minister are the same to us because they are all Representing EPRDF Party and System, If they are any Difference it mean they from different Organizations there for ESPDP have and will always stand by all EPRDF Leaders and We Hope ESPDP to lead EPRDF one Day near future

PRIME MINISTER'S SPEECH The Prime minister has taken to The stage to make a remarkable speech, Beginning with, Greeting in Somali with" Waad Ku Mahad santihiin So Dhawaynta" THANK YOU FOR WELCOMING ME" Further to his speech the prime minister focused on Unity among the Ethiopian Nations special to Ethiopian Somali and Oromo Community. During the Speech the Prime Minister Mentioned the lives that have been lost During the Violence along the border of the Somali and OROMO six months ago The prime minister Quoted " how such Thing should never have been taken place on the first place" with regards of what has Happened between the two regional communities The Prime minister stressed how eagerly he is to correct what has been down wrong between the two regional communities

On the Other side The Regional Ugaas, suldaans, Garaads ad other respectful Community Leaders, have put the Voice to the prime minister The Community Leaders have thanked the prime minister for making Somali Region his first visit The Regional elders have warmly welcomed the prime minister's peace campaign between somali and Oromo Communities Among the speakers of that day was a mother of Ethiopian somali Region who quoted for the PM how somalis and Oromo peoples are brothers and sisters and the facts other ain't peace elements have been filming clashes of the two communities. On Stage Oromo President mr Lemma megersa made an emotional speech about the Lives that have been lost During the clash between the two regions. The President made a Clear promises to Ethiopian Somali elders that such Thing will never happen again the president continued his speech by saying" I will return all somalis who have been displaced from Oromo Region without the Help of Ethiopian Somali Regional President Dr abdi Mahamud Omar"   The end of the Conference the PM closed it a surprise speech which means the two regions are inseparable in every aspects of life by saying that Abdi is the Oromo President and Lemma is Somali Regional President as the prime minister ended a remarkable Image of Holding hands together as a sign of unity.