Declarations from the traditional elders of Ethio-Somali Regional State about recent false and biased report by amnesty international East Africa Office

Jigjiga(Cakaaranews) Thursday, 31th May, 2018. Amnesty International has recently  (on 31 May 2018) issued a report with the intent of creating hastily between the two  brotherly and neighboring communities of Somali and Oromo people by escalating fabricated reports  for the recent  event that took place in the border area between Chinaksane of Oromia region and Tuli-guled of Somali region, blaming the liyu-police as the culprits of the problem which is totally lie. This report is done by individuals working in amnesty international who have special interests and malice intentions to spur violence among these communities.

Ethiopian Somali Regional State's traditional leaders, who  have had a meeting this afternoon criticized the biased and one sided report that amnesty international east Africa office published on their page and then distributed through different medias. Holding light on that the elders exposed the following declaration points:

1.      The Report of the Amnesty International’s East Africa office is a clearly untrue and unwavering statement that has been written by individuals from the Amnesty International with particular personal interests and to incite violence between the Somali people and the Oromo. The elders described the authors that they are bribed so as to prepare this false report which is one side story.


2.      The report by the Amnesty International quotes falsely by reports done previously by the disaster preparation and preparedness commission of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the International Organization for Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) on the previous incidents between the two communities.


3.      The false report of the Amnesty International directly interferes political issues and instructs the Ethiopian Government to dismantle some of its regional police forces which is opposite to the mandate of this organization.


4.      This report is also trying Awaken and deliberately reignite on the Somali and the Oromo violence by ordering the federal government to map the border between the two communities, which could be a cause of tragic event that could lead further conflicts between the two brotherly states, and the elders have said, “This is a direct blow to Ethiopia’s political affairs, in particular, on the duties of the Ethiopian Federation House".

Henceforth, speaking in the name of traditional elders in the region and on behalf of Somali people, we strongly condemn twice and thrice the biased untruth reports of amnesty international distributed through the media which blames the security agencies of the country and interfering the internal politics of the country and regions within Ethiopia. We as the elders always believe that the security agencies of the nation works hard day and night and stands for keeping the security of its nation and defend their people's peace and no one should interfere and dictate their job to them.

Last but not least, as the elders of the region we would kindly request and send our concerns about this organization to the different branches of the federal government such as the house of federation, the command post committee for the state of emergency and all other relevant sector bureaus to deeply investigate about this issue and take necessary legal actions